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Visit Banff



PSi #25 delegates have been invited to extend their stay in Alberta to Monday, July 8th in order to take a memory-making day-trip to breathtaking Banff National Park and the renowned Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

The Banff Centre is internationally recognized as one of the most diversified and progressive arts incubators in North America. Nestled in a sprawling natural preserve in the majestic Rocky Mountains, just over an hour west of Calgary, the Centre provides artists from around the world with unique opportunities for reflection, development, training, experimentation, and production. The day-trip from Calgary will include round-trip transportation, a guided tour of the Centre’s facilities, an introduction to its Research and Development resources and personnel, a presentation by members of the Centre's Indigenous Dramaturgy program, gourmet lunch, and a selection of outdoor (mountain trails, river walks) and indoor (galleries, exhibits) activities.


We have reached capacity for this trip. Sign-up sheets for Individuals interested in car-pooling will be displayed near the Registration Desk in the Rozsa Centre.

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